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An adapted program

Choose your goals for the upcoming season and get the best training program to reach your peak fitness. Created by world-class coaches, your training plan is tailored to your current fitness level, availability and ability to help you get the most out of your training.

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Tailor-made sessions

Enjoy personalized sessions based on the latest scientific advances in cycling training. Receive the details of your workouts directly on your bike computer so that you can do your exercises in the best possible way. Be sure to improve your strengths and weaknesses.

A follow-up throughout the season

View your entire training season at a glance to assess your progress and your level of fitness and fatigue to ensure you reach your goals in the best possible conditions. The different training cycles in your program have been defined to help you maximize your potential on the day.

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Effort management

Get the most out of your abilities in a specific event with the perfect effort management strategy. Our scientific approach predicts your race performance based on your current ability, course information and weather conditions to help you win.

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Sélectionner de l'équipement

Equipment selection

Just like the professional cycling teams, find out what equipment is best for a given race based on the profile, wind and your physical abilities. By choosing the right bike, equipment and clothing, you will be faster and more aerodynamic on the day.

Real time information

Manage your effort with real-time information on your bike computer. You can finally know exactly how much energy you have left and the maximum effort you can make over 5, 10 or 20 minutes. Find the right pace to break your personal records in races or on your favorite segments.

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Analysis of the session

Get all the information you need about your ride in the form of visual graphs or simple metrics for maximum understanding. By knowing the workload, recovery time or type of session, you are able to understand precisely the impact of your training.

Détail de l’entraînement

Physiological capacities

Check your VO2 max and your physical capacities to identify your primary qualities and areas for improvement. With Kronos, you no longer need to perform maximum efforts to know precisely your physiological potential. You can know at any time what you are capable of doing.

Progress and performance

See how fast you are progressing and discover the main benefits of your training. By tracking each of your activities and measuring the impact on your fatigue and performance, you can avoid overtraining and achieve your goals in the best possible conditions.

analyse de la séance

Group and teams

Join your teammates and friends in the team module to plan your next workout or race together. It's also the perfect place to see what your teammates are doing and compare yourself directly to their performance. Find out how much more challenging it is to ride with others.

Fonctionnalités de suivi par Kronos

Community aspects

Follow all your friends on a daily basis and get instant updates on their latest activities on Kronos to know their latest performances in great detail. You can also like and comment on their workouts just like social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Strava.

Chat functionality

Take advantage of a live chat with your friends and debrief your last training session together. You can also plan your next training session with the different participants. You can also chat with your coach at any time to get accurate feedback on your progress and your current abilities.

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Training planning

Plan the entire preparation of your riders in the short and long term by building them a customized training program perfectly adapted to their objectives. The athlete then receives his session directly on his bike computer and can easily follow the different stages of his training in real time.

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Regular follow-up of the athletes

Keep up to date with your runners' activities thanks to a synthetic dashboard summarizing the last sessions of your athletes. You can evaluate at a glance their level of fitness and performance as well as an estimation of their VO2 max. This allows you to prescribe a perfectly adapted training to your runners.

In-depth analysis

Go deeper into the analysis of your runners' data to understand the mechanisms of performance and the impact of their training. Explore their workouts in depth to determine what needs to be worked on over the next few weeks so your athletes can finally reach their goals.

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Exchange with the runners

Monitor your athletes' fatigue and performance levels by talking directly with them. You are also aware of their sensations and their perception of effort (RPE) to know how they felt during their session and thus adapt their program accordingly.